We can no longer live without our digital connections

because so many of our work and

private activities depend on them.


However, we are not yet fully aware of all

the minor actions we perform in our digital life every day

that pose a risk or threat

to our digital assets:

devices, data, identities, etc…


These simple cybersecurity habits

will help you keep cybercriminals at bay.

Not without my Wi-Fi

Follow these basic recommendations to prevent your Wi-Fi network

from becoming an open door for cybercriminals

Emails abound

Spam and phishing are the most common gateways for cybercriminals.

Learn to spot malicious emails so you don’t fall

into the trap:

IoTs, those crazy gadgets

As popular as they are dangerous, IoTs are becoming increasingly

common in daily life: Surveillance cameras, smart refrigerators,

virtual personal assistants… If we do not take proper precautions,

they could end up becoming a significant security loophole:

Diabolic passwords

How to create robust passwords that are unique for each service, and

remember them too. We explain how in this video.

Your privacy is sacred

With the boom in social media and apps, our privacy

may be jeopardised if we do not take

certain precautions.

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