Building secure identities
for a connected world

TECTECO’s Secure WiFi as a Service.

We protect your digital activity against internal attacks, guarantee the integrity and privacy of all digital communications on your network, and prevent identity theft.

A single device, a monthly payment, state-of-the-art technology to protect WiFi networks.

A hyperconnected world...

Ubiquitous connection
through more than
WIFI networks

Increase of
connected devices:

06 2.000M ● ● ●

22 200.000M ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Employees who work outside the security of corporate networks

Vulnerable devices for
not updating SW regularly

...with low security...

Cybersecurity is in the top 5 main risks companies are facing today.

Network access systems are insecure and highly vulnerable, because the vast majority are based on passwords shared by multiple users (PSK).

In addition, they allow access to level 2 of the OSI model, facilitating identity spoofing.

Where SMEs are especially vulnerable.

More than 45% of cyber attacks are targeted to SMEs

Average cost of a cyber attack for an SME is 50K € to 100K €

60% of SME go bankrupt 6 months after suffering an attack.

SMEs do not have enough technical and economic capacity as to have adequate WiFi network access security systems, so they usually opt for low-security domestic-type solutions.

New General Data Protection Regulation will severely punish security breaches of personal data, with SMEs being the most affected.

Maximum security for your network

TECTECO’s Secure WiFi as a Service.

We prevent identity spoofing and defend your network against a wide range of attacks.

We apply network access control using unique digital identities and a simple, affordable infrastructure.

  • Enhanced AAA system in the first network segment
  • Protection from L2 of OSI model, guaranteeing the authenticity of communications
  • System based on an unspoofable 4 factor bond: user + device + port + ip
  • Unspoofable identities of connected users and devices
  • Customized security policies for each user-device connection, guaranteeing they behave in a predefined way
  • Ensures traceability and monitoring of communications from the moment of access to the network (LAN)
  • Proactive security based on machine learning
  • Active protection of IoT devices
  • Advanced security for vCPE
  • Secure WIFI for SMEs and homes
  • Secure WIFI in public spaces
  • Individualized parental control by device and user
  • Prevents from attacks using MAC and IP spoofing targeted at supplanting the identity of the device or the user to benefit from superior privileges
  • Protects against the alteration of information in communications (Man in the middle attacks)
  • Controls and prevents the spread of threats coming from botnets and malware which infiltrate the network through connected devices.
  • Prevent the theft or manipulation of data transmitted through public or private networks
  • Protects connected clients against DoS attacks, also preventing them from being part of this type of botnets attacks.

one technology, multiple applications


  • The best protection at the lowest posible cost
  • Secures confidential, financial and customer data
  • Secure access of teleworkers to corporate networks


  • Security of IoT devices involved in industrial processes


  • Isolated and protected users
  • Secure and private communications in public environments


  • Parental control
  • Secure connection from any device with connectivity: mobile phones, PCs, TVs, security cameras, home automation, etc …


  • Improved protection of corporate networks from within (in access to the network)
  • Secure access of teleworkers to corporate networks


  • Secure management of virtual devices in the cloud