Creating secure WiFi networks

for a connected world

Secure WiFi as a Service



We protect your digital activity against internal attacks.

A single device, a monthly payment, state-of-the-art technology to protect WiFi networks.

You are living in a hyperconnected world,

but using highly insecure WiFi networks

They share accessing credentials that do not allow to identify the connected users, nor to restrict their access privileges.

Makes it easier to spoof user identity, steal data, and intercept communications.

Increasingly, more and more IoT devices are connected, with little or no security which compromises the security of the entire network.

SMEs and freelances are especially vulnerable.

They use domestic solutions with deficient security, due to their lack of economic and technical resources.

The numbers are concerning

43% of cyber-attacks target small and medium-sized enterprises.

Average cost of a cyber-attack for an SME is 75.000€

60% of SME go bankrupt 6 months after suffering an attack, because they are not able to overcome the damage caused.

Maximum security for your network


A single device that condenses
the estate-of-the art WiFi network
security technology, coupled
by specialized cloud services.


A plug and play solution
that is managed without
technical knowledge


Tailored to fit the reality
of an SME and without
upfront investments.

WEFENDER by TECTECO is our secure, cloud-based WIFI solution that allows you to:

  • Guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data transmitted through your network.
  • Comply with the requirements of the new RGPD

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Besides, it protects you from:

Attacks using MAC and IP spoofing aimed at supplanting the identity of the device and the user.

Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks that alter the information in communications.

Spreading threats coming from botnets and malware that infiltrate the network through infected connected devices.

Theft or manipulation of data transmitted over public or private networks.

Internal DDoS attacks, also avoiding to become part of this type of attacks by using botnets.


The Secure WiFi as a Service solution has been awarded the European Union Seal of Excellence in the scope of the H2020 project.

TECTECO has been recognized as an Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for the Project Challenges Collaboration with the UPM and JSC Ingenium (HIDRA Project).