A state-of-the-art technology, an advanced service concept.

Secure and affordable WIFI for your business.

Secure WIFI as a Service (s-WAAS)

One monthly payment, all the services

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TECTECO’s WiFi as a Service (WaaS) is our secure, cloud-based, fully assisted WIFI solution that, through a small monthly fee, allows:

  • Ensure the integrity and privacy of all digital communications in your network
  • Secure network access managed by cybersecurity experts
  • Have a scalable service that grows with your business
  • Convert capital investment into operating cost
  • Connection to the network with minimal service interruptions

Focus on your business and simplify the management of your network

Until now, only large companies could afford advanced security services.

TECTECO puts at your fingertips and within your budget, a security solution for your network, as robust as the ones in large corporations


Infraestructure and software

We offer routers and WIFI access points with all the features of our security software so you have secure access to your network”


authentication with PEAP-PPSK: not only the system identifies the device and its user, but access to the network is through a personal and non-shared username and password

4 factor bond (4FB)

In addition to identifying users and devices, we add MAC and IP dynamically to avoid identity spoofing

TRS (Tecteco Rule Set)

Customized security policies by connected user- device


Dynamic IP assignment to create separate segments within the same network, thus isolating different groups of users (internal users vs. guests)

Automatic security updates

to ensure our routers are prepared to respond to new threats that emerge daily

Service Center

A complete pack of services that guarantee the security of your network and suits your needs and budget:

Cloud management:

Remote and centralized network management

Secure network services:

Prevención de ataques a los servicios NTP y DNS.

Ad block:

Blocks ads from the websites you visit by segmenting by URL and at the user-device level.

Safe Internet browsing:

Filtering of malicious URLs and creation of black lists that are continuously updated.


An additional security layer through certificates for those user devices that handle sensitive or confidential information.

Additional secure access points:

protect all additional access points (extensions) that you have in your network

Configuration backups:

we keep all the parameters of your routers so that, in case of replacement, you have a new router up and running immediately

Automatic Smart Network Securization:

Automated management and analysis of network threats and proactive deployment of protection policies


If you have a network of offices, facilitate your users access any Tecteco router with the same credentials in all access points
Request more information about our services

Request more information about our services.